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Is Mediumship A Therapy

Mediumship As A Therapy

When one thinks about mediumship, no one actually considers it to be a holistic therapy, but the truth is that real quality mediumship can often get to the root of a problem faster than a counselor or holistic therapist can. It's no longer just about the afterlife because there are valid and legitimate reasons that evidential mediumship can help someone in more ways than one and not just through grief or the grief journey.

Grief and The Grief Journey

The reality is that the grieving process can actually cause more issues within a person's life and not just a personal problem. Consider the executive who suffers through grief and how that may actually hold them back, Executive Spiritual Coach Jock Brocas maintains that many entrepreneurs who suffer from spiritual crisis need more than just mediumship. Often real evidential mediumship can uncover more than just the issues associated with losing a loved one. So a medium that has developed well and has vast experience in life can actually be worth their weight in gold.

Take these notes on board when looking for a medium;

1 Always try to identify with a professional medium who has a relevant history.

2 Check the medium testimonials from others and if you have been recommended by someone - even better.

3 If the medium asks too many questions before the appointment, leave well alone.

4 Do not feed the medium.

5 Check if the medium is involved with professional organizations or has served in spiritualist churches.

6 Ask if you are not sure if you can approach any of the testimonials and if this is possible, the medium should put you in touch with a couple of people who will validate them.

7 A professional medium should never tell you negative things and if you are faced with someone who tells you that they can sort your life, bring your lover back or clear a curse - run and run far.

When you find a medium and you are happy with the service that you have provided, then refer them to people you know who may be looking for mediumship services. Remember, to respect the process and the medium and know that every sitting is a scientific experiment.

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