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The following article on natural and organic flea control was first published on the Holistic Therapies Directory and can be found at Organic Flea Control, which discusses the best products to use to protect yourself and your home from invading fleas.

No one seriously likes having a flea problem and of course they can cause a tremendous amount of disease and sickness. Of all the products that we tested, we loved two of them the best and those were the Organic Flea Control system by Hostguard and Diatomaceous earth, which of course is an old favorite.

Here is the article in full;

Organic Flea Control Products To Help You
Deal With Fleas Holistically

When you have a flea infestation in your home and it has become a problem, you might be tempted to use chemical products to get rid of these pests. However, more and more people are turning to and looking for a wholly organic approach to flea control. Using Organic Flea Control means, you can easily free your home from these pesky little pests using all-natural approaches. We love our pets, but there have been more and more health concerns caused by pesticides in the modern day and these affect children, animals, and adults. Its no wonder more and more people look for Organic Flea Control rather than spraying with harmful pesticides.

You have many options to fight the infestation without using any harmful chemicals. For example, you can buy natural flea control products such as Hostguard Flea Control and flea trap or simply make a repellent spray at home using natural ingredients. Let’s take a look at some of the options you can try to control a flea infestation naturally.

Electronic flea traps

Flea traps can be plugged anywhere in the house. These products trap fleas using a light and a liquid trap. They are a good option when you want to keep it clean while getting rid of fleas. Any fleas that can see the light will come to it and eventually fall into a trap that contains liquid to prevent them from jumping out of the trap.

These traps work incredibly well when you have a lot of fleas in a close proximity. If you have a large house or one with a lot of rooms, you may have to install more than one flea traps. It will cost a lot compared to some other simple systems such as Hostguard.

Diatomaceous Earth

Food-grade diatomaceous earth can be used in the powdered form to combat fleas. Simply locate the area with infestation and sprinkle diatomaceous earth powder all over the site. The powder, made from fossilized ancient algae, will start killing fleas within 24 hours after you apply it on the affected areas.

You may want to use this powder on carpet and windowsill as it is extremely effective at getting rid of fleas organically from these tough areas. Even when you are using other remedies to get rid of fleas, using diatomaceous earth for carpets could boost the results, allowing the kill fleas effectively.

Diatomaceous earth is a surprisingly effective remedy against fleas. They ingest the powder mistaking it for food. The powder dehydrates them and pierces their exoskeleton.

DIY flea repellent sprays

You can easily fight fleas without taking a trip to the market. You can make repellent sprays at home using 100% natural ingredients. For example, you can make an effective spray using citrus juice and water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. Identify the infected areas and spray directly over the fleas and the areas where you expect fleas to be hiding.

Citrus and other DIY mixtures don’t kill fleas. However, they are good at repelling them and driving them away from your home. The best use of these sprays is in the case you have a problem in the outdoors. Spray the area and you will see fleas leaving immediately and relocating.

Protect with Hostguard Flea Control before fighting an infestation

If the infestation has grown out of control, you can try aggressive flea control products available in the market after protecting yourself from becoming flea-bitten using Hostguard Flea Control system. It is one of the best organic flea control systems that will not only protect you from irritating flea bites but it will also help you get rid of the infestation.

Hostguard Organic Flea Control system comes with a protective suit and a liquid. You put on the suit so that you are guarded against flea bites when tackling an infestation. Fleas that come in contact with your suit will die. At the same time, you can easily apply any flea control remedy/spray without worrying about being bitten by the protecting fleas.